What is it?

StandStrong is a training based on scientific theory combined with simple and modest physical exercises to enter ‘the zone’ in a simple and genuine way. This zone is the state whereby your mental focus and physical potential are at their maximum, and where you are supported by a subtle and powerful energy.

Based on oriental wisdom, in such a way that it is comprehensible and practically applicable in everyday life of the western world. Not aimed at spiritual seekers, StandStrong is a down-to-earth tool that you can apply both as daily training to develop and enlarge your personal strength, and in ad hoc situations for instant mental resilience.

Who can benefit from this?

Individuals (parents, students, adolescents) as well as business and sports professionals; in short, everyone who wants to reduce stress and switch to natural intelligence and mental stability.


Why is it important?

In today’s society, the mental and emotional dimension makes the difference more than ever before. We all need positive energy, motivation, self-esteem and mental resilience to achieve our daily duties. This is why StandStrong focuses on revealing your inner natural power. The power that will strengthen your mental and emotional status simply by using your innate potential.


How will we cooperate?

The first session consists of an assessment of your current potential and strength.

Our workshops are always adapted to the individual or group needs, and can take from two hours to a full day. 

No physical predisposition is required, as the physical exercises are easy and modest. The frequent repetition is the key to its success.

Physical exercises alternated with a scientifically underpinned theory:

  • brainwaves (delta, thèta, alfa, bèta, gamma) and their respective energetic impact 

  • energy management and personal leadership

  • yin-yang and the application in everyday life

  • evolving from external exercises to internal cultivation

Only by working on this richly layered level, you will be able to facilitate real transformation. 


What is the result?

The result is amazing: instead of resisting or being overwhelmed by emotions, you are capable to react in a calm way with natural stability. This state of ‘ relaxed alertness’ and ‘deeper sensation’ makes you switch to your most intelligent, natural and authentic behaviour and reaction patterns. Develop inner leadership before exerting your leadership on others. Anyway, it is nothing more than rediscovering your genuine flow, which results in positive and individual growth. This is what makes you a genuine and authentic leader!


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