Talent detection

What is it?

Talent Detection is about self-knowledge, and giving direction to your life in order to retrieve your inner power. This will clarify the following: who am I?, what am I best at?, and which are the choices I should make?

Who can benefit from this?

Individuals (parents, students, adolescents) as well as business and sports professionals; in short, everyone who wants to increase self-knowledge to make life easier and (more) meaningful.

Why is it important?

Some discover their potential at a very young age, others are without proper direction, fulfilment or satisfaction for too long. Tamashi mainly focuses on finding this direction and fulfilment, together with you!

Our workshops are very intense, and passion, feelings and your highest values are discussed.  And this goes far beyond the cognitive, rational talk.

It is important to keep the following in mind:

  1. We welcome you as the unique person you are, whatever peculiarities you might bring along

  2. 100% of whatever we discuss won’t leave the room

How will we cooperate?

  • First, we discretely identify your energies (= subpersonalities or talents). This approach is based on the archetypes of C.G. Jung.


  • Next, we invite you to enter into dialogue with the subpersonalities (Jung’s active imagination): What is their positive intention?, What is their current state?, Which potential do they have?, Are they being seen?, What do they need?, Do subpersonalities collaborate?, etc.

  • Third, we continue by working in 3 dimensions:

    • Subpersonalities that support you in your personal development, and that enlarge your consciousness.

    • Subpersonalities that feed your relationships with others (your presence with, or appearance to others)

    • Subpersonalities that fuel your way of being, and as such give drive and satisfaction. The ones that shape your personal mission in this world (your raison d’être).

What is the result?

The result is serene lucidity about who you are, about what you are best at, and about the choices you should make. In short, your inner power and natural potential will be revealed and will get the space required in order to evolve to its optimal form.

Clients often consider the result as magical or spectacular, even though it is only nature doing its job.


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